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Warner's Gas Service, Inc.

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In 1960, John S. Warner started Warner’s Gas Service in Vestal Center with seven customers. With the help of his wife Dorothy and two sons, Bob and Ken and later his daughter-in-law Carla, son-in-law Richard and daughter Edna, it soon grew to have over 8,000 customers in New York and Pennsylvania. In 1999 we added oil and kerosene to our products and services. We added wood pellets and bagged coat to our product line for our customers growing needs.

1 Review for Warner's Gas Service, Inc.

they used to be great….

When Warner’s was Warner’s they were great. Now that they are “Superior” they fail at most levels. We have drivers that will not come down our driveway when there is 1/2″ of snow and I get phone calls telling me I need to sand and plow. My plow will not touch 1/2″ of snow, there are skid plates tp prevent the plow from digging in. UPS, USPS, Amazon, Fed Ex all manage to safely make the drive in and out. We are expecting below zero temps over the weekend and my main tank shows 24% full. Our other account (we have two) shows 84% and is less than 100 yards away yet they delivered 13 gallons there and left no bill?? The ladies that answer the phone are great but the promised return calls (after they check with the dispatcher) never happen, after any of my 3 phone inquires over the past three days. Don’t know what happened to a great company. Been a customer for more than 20 years.

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