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Junction Fuels

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Junction Fuels provides dependable, safe delivery of heating oil and propane to homes and businesses in Woodstock and its surrounding communities.

Junction Fuels is a locally based, locally operated business, and our employees have deep roots here. That makes us deeply invested in the area and is what drives us to treat our customers like the neighbors you are. With a commitment to providing you the best possible service, we offer:

  • Reliable delivery of heating oil and propane
  • The option of automatic delivery so that you can rest assured you’ll always have the heating oil or propane you need
  • Low prices, thanks to low overhead
  • No fees: You pay only for the product you order
  • Payment options that include the Pre-buy and Budget Plan programs for both propane and heating oil
  • Quality installation and service of home heating, cooling and comfort equipment
  • Annual service plans