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Fyles Bros Inc

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We are a local Vermont owned company that has been in business for over 35 years. We are honest, fair and professional with a personal touch. We offer competitive pricing for your propane needs as well as excellent service including a 24 hour emergency service. Our employees are all local folks that are honest, friendly and hardworking. Some have been with the company since conception!!

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annbscc98 1 Reviews
😖Where has the original Fyles gone?Beware!

Fellow consumers Beware!! Stay away Far away like the last commentor warned! I second everything she wrote. Here’s my experience. I don’t know what’s happened to Fyles, after years of commendable service, I’ve had to fight for the last 2 of my 3 automatic deliveries, all paid for, under contract, delivery dates supplied by their attorney Manny Fletcher in his own writing (impt for what happened today). I’m 70 yrs old and have no want for anything but my rightful propane. I have been waiting for 8 days for my latest delivery (due 11/24), based on Manny’s own data. Last Saturday I wrote a very nice letter asking for my delivery, said plz tell me if dates have changed etc, no reply!!! Finally on Friday, I sent 2 emails to Tad desperately seeking a delivery, call or reply, my sister, coowner, even called. Nothing!! Friday late, I contacted my attorney, the Attorney General, senior helplines etc. I followed my attorney’s instructions to call their delivery line (every hour and document if they kept denying me service, I only called once). Ultimately a wonderful woman named Joyce let me know what happened. Manny sat on my letter all week! He chose not to call, email or send a delivery! Now claiming I have no delivery schedule ! I have one in his own writing! He could have simply called /written back Monday, let me know. Most importantly bcos of previous legal errors Manny had made, Tad and I had the agreement no more Manny involvement, I started with Tad and would continue w him (in sept 22 I discovered their contract w bookkeeping was illegal/“mishandling client funds”. I received a bill when I had $900 on account and knew it was legally impossible I owed $90 more. So I figured out what happened and went to them with the data entry fix that would make contract and bookkeeping legal, insure our consumer rights! Instead of reporting it to the Attorney General, I told Tad let’s fix it for everyone as friends. My great regret. The rest is history. I loved Fyles, years ago the service guys literally saved us when no one else could find the leak. Where oh where has the original Fyles gone?

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